YCA Workshop Audio & Information

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11th Sep. 2016
Workshop leader: Michael Ellison
Roger Huckle: violin
Alison Gillies: cello
Dave Pagett: Clarinet
Mark Kane: horn
Paul Israel: Piano

2nd Jan. 2017
A workshop aimed at developing a more imaginative approach to composing. Our composers were asked to bring ideas and then work on them through the day with expert guidance from w/s leaders John Pickard and Geoff Poole. It was a fantastic day of great music making involving graphic scores, extended techniques and thinking outside of the usual confines of traditional harmony and notation.

Paul Barrett: violin
Alison Gillies: cello
Dave Pagett: Clarinet
Steph Gilbert: flute
Harriet Riley: Percussion

12th Apr. 2017
This workshop focussed on instrumental colour and character, and explored imaginative and effective instrumental combinations. A day of inspiring ideas and experiments, led by renowned composer Richard Blackford, saw our composers writing short pieces based on the cor anglais solo at the beginning of Act III of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde.

Roger Armstrong: flute
Andy Keenan: clarinet/sax
Matthew Petrie: basson/contra
Mark Kane: horn
Simon Kordurand: violin
Lorna Davis: cello







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