How to Apply

The NMSW Route
The majority of YCA composers are chosen from the participants of the NMSW spring workshop programme. Each year, between January and March, workshops are held at schools across the region giving young musicians the opportunity the hear their music performed and recorded by professional musicians and discussed by leading composers.

NMSW workshop participants are usually studying GCSE or A’Level music at schools in the south-west and will apply to take part through their music teacher. If you are studying music at school but haven’t been offered chance to apply please speak to your teacher.

We are also very happy to receive applications for the NMSW workshops from individuals. They should be aged between 14 and 18 and resident in the south-west of England. They should also have sufficient supporting evidence (scores or recordings) to accompany their application.

Individuals wishing to apply for the NMSW spring workshop programme should make initial contact via the NMSW Contact page.

Alternative Routes
If you would like to become a YCA composer but haven’t had the opportunity to take part in a NMSW workshop, you can still apply.

If you are involved in an established music education programme (such as Bristol Pre-Conservatoire, South West Music School or the Soundtrack project) please ask your tutor to recommend you.

To make an individual application please use the NMSW Contact page, or email Catherine Freda at

The closing date for next year’s intake is 1st July 2019.

If you would like to email scores for our consideration, please send them as Sibelius files if at all possible. Thanks.


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