This page features video of music commissioned by NMSW and a film review of our 2014/15 seasons.

Chapel Arts, Bath

On Sunday 6th March 2016 Andy Keenan (sax & clarinet), Harriet Riley (marimba) and Paul Israel (piano) gave the first performances of a number of NMSW commissions alongside pieces by Thomas Adès, Graham Fitkin and Charles Ives. We also asked Geoff Poole to write a marimba & piano version of his piece The Impersonal Touch, the result was Fibonacci Fizz.

Fibonacci Fizz by Geoff Poole

Season Finale 2015

SOUND WORLD 20th September 2015 at St. George’s, Bristol. For our season finale concert we commissioned Michael Ellison, Julian Leeks and Sara Garrard to write new works inspired by the landmarks and history of Bristol, and we asked Andy Keenan to write a special arrangement for large ensemble of his piece Shatter.

Vincent & Avona by Michael Ellison

Shatter by Andy Keenan

Building The City by Julian Leeks


Season Finale 2016
From Darkness into Light 
 18th September 2016 at St. George’s, Bristol. This year out Season Finale concert was performed by Kokoro, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s contemporary music group, and featured a specially commissioned by Lois Wyatt and the three shortlisted pieces from the NMSW Young Composers’ Prize 2016.

Baros by Lois Wyatt

Winner of the 2016 NMSW Young Composers’ Prize:

Bridge of Life by Sam Macdonald

Film Review of our 2014 & 2015 seasons



Hauser & Wirth 13th June 2015. NMSW commissioned new music in response to the work of prominent Shanghai artist Zhang Enli and West Country artists Fiona Robinson and Debbie Locke.

Zhang Seascapes by Geoff Poole (to skip the intro speeches and get straight to the music please fast forward 5 mins.)

Selected pieces from A Modern Menagerie, a special NMSW commission for responses to the 14 movements of Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals. Performed at St. George’s, Bristol. 7th September 2014.

Elephant by Anna Meredith

Finale: Dance of the Animals by John Pickard

The Wood Pigeon: presiding over the entire garden by Sara Garrard

Aquarium: a penguin in Istanbul by Michael Ellison


Wild Asses by Andy Keenan

Tortoise By Julian Leeks

Myisi by Litha Efthymiou


Fossils: Jurassic Tango by Geoff Poole


(after) Pianists by Jean-Paul Metzger

Volière by Emily Potter, winner of the NMSW Young Composers’ Prize 2014

Poules et coqs by Sam Pradalie, runner-up in the NMSW Young Composers’ Prize 2014


Other NMSW commissions from our 2013/14 season:

Renounce by Daniel Linker

Anywhere Else But Here by Julian Leeks