Modern Menagerie composers announced.

The NMSW Season Finale at St. George’s on Sunday 7th September will be a unique performance of Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals with each of its 14 marvellous animal depictions, followed by a contemporary response collectively known as A Modern Menagerie.

Commissioned by NMSW, the 14 composers of the new movements are an exciting mix of competition-winning composition students and established composers. We are delighted to announce that the line-up of composers for A Modern Menagerie is as follows:

Introduction and Royal March of the Lion – Manos Charalabopoulos
Hens and Cocks – NMSW Young Composers’ Prize winner.
Wild Asses – Andy Keenan
Tortoises – Julian Leeks
The Elephant – Anna Meredith
Kangaroos – Jean Hasse
Aquarium – Michael Ellison
Persons With Long Ears – Litha Efthymiou
Cuckoo in the Heart of the Wood – Sara Garrard
The Aviary – NMSW Young Composers’ Prize winner.
Pianists – Jean-Paul Metzger
Fossils – Geoff Poole
The Swan – Jolyon Laycock
Finale – John Pickard

After the hour-long show, ticket holders are invited to an informal ‘meet the composers’ session in the bar, and a free late concert of contemporary music. This evening is sure to inspire anyone interested in composition, as well as all fans of Carnival of the Animals!