Concerts & Composition Workshops

Sun 21st Jan
All Day

Composition Workshops

We are currently planning an extensive programme of composition workshops at schools across the south-west. These will feature the region’s leading composers and professional performers and will provide young musicians with an illuminating and inspirational experience.

Running from mid-January to mid-March

Matt Dury, Director of Music and Bruton Girls’ School wrote of our 2017 programme:
These workshops have been an invaluable asset for the students: sessions like this are often only available at graduate or even postgraduate level, so to get feedback from industry professionals at an early age is a fantastic and rare opportunity. Their understanding and work has improved considerably as a result, facilitating excellent achievement at exam-level; whilst the pleasure of hearing their own music played has been an obvious inspiration for them and will be an experience they hold onto for a lifetime. We are very grateful and indebted as a department and school to NMSW.


We are also planning a series of concert performances by the region’s best contemporary music performers. Programmes will feature some of the best music being written today, highlighting composers with a connection to the region. We will also be including new work by some of the region’s brightest young composing talents.

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